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Machine Learning in Critical Care

  1. Clinical Predictive Analytics
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  3. Model-based Phenotyping
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  5. Medication Dosing
  6. Nemati, Shamim, Mohammad M. Ghassemi, and Gari D. Clifford. 2016. “ Optimal Medication Dosing from Suboptimal Clinical Examples: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach .” Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2016 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, Orlando, FL. --Accepted

  7. Sentiment Analysis
  8. Ghassemi, Mohammad M., Roger G. Mark, and Shamim Nemati. 2015. “A visualization of evolving clinical sentiment using vector representations of clinical notes.” Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC). Nice, France.

Computational Neuroscience/Psychiatry

  1. Deep Brain Stimulation
  2. Harati, Sahar, Andrea Crowell, Jun Kong, Helen Mayberg and Shamim Nemati. 2016. “ Discriminating Clinical Phases of Recovery From Major Depressive Disorder using the Dynamics of Facial Expression .” Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2016 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, Orlando, FL. --Accepted

  3. Brain Machine Interface
  4. Nemati, S, SW Linderman, and Z Chen. 2014. “A Probabilistic Modeling Approach for Uncovering Neural Population Rotational Dynamics.” Cosyne.PDF icon draft_pjpca.pdf
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  1. Arrhythmia Detection
  2. Nemati, Shamim, Mohammad M. Ghassemi, Vaidehi Ambai, Nino Isakadze, Oleksiy Levantsevych, Amit Shah, and Gari D. Clifford. 2016. “ Monitoring and Detecting Atrial Fibrillation using Wearable Technology .” Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2016 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, Orlando, FL. --Accepted

  3. Signal Fusion
  4. Shamim, Nemati, Malhotra Atul, Clifford Gari D, and others. 2010. “Data fusion for improved respiration rate estimation.” EURASIP journal on advances in signal processing 2010. Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Modeling

  1. Transfer Entropy
  2. Nemati, S, BA Edwards, Joon Lee, B Pittman-Polletta, JP Butler, and A Malhotra. 2013. “Respiration and heart rate complexity: effects of age and gender assessed by band-limited transfer entropy.” Respiratory physiology & neurobiology 189. Elsevier: 27–33.
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  3. Transfer Path Analysis
  4. Nemati, Shamim, Bradley A Edwards, Scott A Sands, Philip J Berger, Andrew Wellman, George C Verghese, Atul Malhotra, and James P Butler. 2011. “Model-based characterization of ventilatory stability using spontaneous breathing.” Journal of Applied Physiology 111. Am Physiological Soc: 55–67.

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